About Tim Wahl

Even as a child, Tim built things with his hands.  Instead of buying a boat, he built his first, and thus began what was soon to be a long career in custom cabinets, furniture and boats. The original Village Woodworks started in 1981 in Avon, NY. Growing beyond a two car garage in 1983, Tim and his wife, Kathy, bought the historic St. Micheal’s Church in Livonia Center, NY.

A self-taught craftsman, Tim’s traditional custom cabinetry are defined by beautiful, quality pieces that will stand the test of time and be cherished for generations. His work can be found throughout the Finger Lakes and Rochester area in homes, businesses, churches, and even floating along on the nearby Finger Lakes.

Tim is thankful for the good people he has worked with over the past three decades and has always enjoyed keeping  his customers happy.  He is also respectful of the history that comes with the 150 year old retired St. Micheal’s church building that serves as his home and shop.  In 2007 the home was featured on HGTV’s Look What I Did. Over the years, Tim’s home has served many purposes including raising a family, an artisan gift shoppe, and a fiber arts and sewing studio.  All are welcome to drop in for a visit!

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